Seeking Christ, Serving Christ, and Sharing Christ.

Memorial Garden

One of St. Paul’s three gardens

We are a small, welcoming, and active congregation, so if you want to be anonymous, this isn’t the church for you. If your looking for a congregation just to sit with for a while, that’s cool. If your looking for an community that is making our corner of the world a better place, join us in Christ’s ministry.

  • Our outreach is growing in some interesting directions, so when you’re ready to invest your spirit, mind, and body, there will be something for you to do.
  • Our worship is informal, (wear your jeans and bring a sense of humor) but Anglican in tradition.
  • Children of all ages are welcome in this place, full participants in the life of our community. 
  • We are a church whose people come from different Christian traditions, but find beauty in the “Book of Common Prayer”. 

All people are welcome in this sacred place we call “St. Paul’s”

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